laSports ECG Sticker
laSports ECG Sticker, designed with ultra-small size and ultra-low power consumption, is used for continuous heart rate and ECG acquisition and heart disease auto-detection in the cloud. laSports supports working with disposable medical patches, heart straps, sports compression suits and sports bras.
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gForce-100 Gesture Armband
gforce-100 Gesture Amrband contains 8 high-precision EMG and 9-Axis motion sensors, Bluetooth BLE4.1 and an elastic armband design. The embedded algorithm can recognize 6 pre-defined gestures and it works with gForce-Joint to work with such as Arduino MCU.
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gForce-Pro EMG Armband
gForce-Pro EMG armband, with built-in 8-channel high-sensitive EMG and 9-Axis motion sensors, Bluetooth BLE4.1 and an elastic armband design, allows users to access the raw EMG and motion data. It supports OTrain gesture re-training platform and upto 8 user definable gestures.
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gForce-Octopus Wireless EMG Acquisition
gForce-Octopus Wireless EMG Acquisition has 8-Channel EMG amplifier circuits, 9-Axis motion sensor, Bluetooth BLE4.1, plus Li-ion battery. It supports OTrain Gesture Re-Training platform and real-time raw data access. gForce-Octopus is ideal for professional developers.
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