laSports ECG Sticker
laSports ECG Sticker, designed with ultra-small size and ultra-low power consumption, is used for continuous heart rate and ECG acquisition and heart disease auto-detection in the cloud. laSports supports working with disposable medical patches, heart straps, sports compression suits and sports bras.
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gForce200 Gesture Armband
gforce200 Gesture Amrband contains 8 high-precision EMG and 9-Axis motion sensors, Bluetooth BLE4.2 and an elastic armband design. The embedded algorithm can recognize 6 pre-defined gestures and it works with gForceJoint to control such as Arduino MCU.
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gForcePro+ EMG Armband
gForcePro+ EMG armband, with built-in 8-channel high-sensitive EMG and 9-Axis motion sensors, Bluetooth BLE4.2 and an elastic armband design, allows users to access the raw EMG and motion data. It supports mobile gForceAPP gesture training platform and upto 16 user defined gestures.
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gForceOct Wireless EMG System
gForceOct Wireless EMG System has 8-Channel EMG amplifier circuits, 9-Axis motion sensor, Bluetooth BLE4.2, and Li-ion battery. It supports gForceAPP Gesture Training platform and real-time raw data access. gForceOct is ideal for professional developers.
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