gForcePro+ EMG Armband

Low Power:
● Ultra-low Power ARM Cortex M4 Embedded
● Bluetooth BLE4.0
● Power consumption Below 0.1W
Continuous Gesture Recognition:
● User-defined 16 Gestures Recognition trained with gForceAPP
● 9-Axis Motion Sensor Fusion
● 8-Channel Medical-Grade EMG Differential Dry Electrodes
● 9-Axis Motion Sensor
● Real-time EMG Raw Data
● Real-time IMU Raw Data, Quaternion or Euler
Software SDK/API:
● Support Windows 7,8,10 and Up
● Support Android 4.0 and Up
● Support Unity3d Development
● Support Arduino MCU
Message Indicator:
● Double-LED Indicators
● Vibration Feedback
● Open source projects and environment friendly to researchers, downloadable from:
● Quck start from
● gForceAPP User guide download from
● gForcePro+ Armband User guide download from
● 8-Channel real-time raw EMG data acquisition
● 8Bit mode up to max 1KHz sample rate
● 12Bit mode up to 500Hz sample rate
● Support user algorithm development and EMG application
● 3-Axis Acc Sensor
● 3-Axis Gyro Sensor
● 3-Axis Magnetic Sensor
● Support Quaternion, Euler and real-time access of IMU raw data
● Full-function support mobile gForceAPP EMG gesture training platform
● Raw Data Access through gForceDongle on Windows
● Support max 16 user redefined gestures
● Data connection with Arduino or MCU through gForceJoint
● Support gesture index, quaternion transmission
● Windows platform Unity3D development SDK/API
● Open source Unity3D development sample project examples






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