OREHAB-LEG Smart Brace

Low Power Design:
● Ultra low-power ARM Cortex M4
● Low power BLE4.0
● System power consumption lower than 0.1w
Multi Sensors:
● 3-DOF IMU for hip joint
● 1-DOF angle sensor for knee joint
● Reserved EMG sensor interface
● Win 7,8,10 and up supported
● Android 4.0 and up supported
● Plugin for Unity3d
● Leg front-stretch AROM measurement
● Soccer game to practice leg front stretching
● Leg rear-stretch AROM measurement
● Fishing game to practice leg rear stretching
● Squat AROM measurement
● Biking game to practice squat and stand-up
● High knee AROM measurement
● Jogging game to practice high knee
● Leg curl AROM measurement
● Skipping rope game to practice leg curl


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